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What can LinkedIn offer you?

Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn is now a platform that lets you build a second website for your business. The Business Page profiling your company is great for drawing attention to your firm – especially with all your linked employees appearing on the page, but it should also be supplemented with several Showcase Pages to really sell your products and services.

LinkedIn Company Page Showcase Page Design

Showcase Pages focus on one of your products or services. They appear in users’ search results (both on LinkedIn and Google) and people can follow these pages independently of the main Company Page.

Because of this, these pages attract a much more niche, target audience for your products and services. You know that people will be interested in your product announcements and updates. This makes creating content for and advertising on these pages far more effective and economical. And like any other social media site, visitors can share your updates with their contacts.

LinkedIn Company Page Showcase Page Design

Each showcase page can feature its own branding, as there’s space for a large banner and a profile image. We design these to best serve each particular client. Sometimes we use the firm’s branding and logo, sometimes we will use imagery related to the product or service. Alternatively we sometimes use text – customer quotes, lists of features, contact details – as this can very quickly establish credibility for the firm and product/service. Everything is done to maximise conversion and engagement.

LinkedIn is a great place to get your products and services to prospects, offering good advertising options and pitching you perfectly to your target audience.

We also design LinkedIn Pages as part of our social media package. We do this because we feel giving a company a set of social media platforms makes better use of their content and increases the visibility of their brand.


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