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Lets face it, many of us love a “next big thing” – be it in social media or otherwise, and Vine has taken off for business – massively (if you’re still a little unsure about Vine as a whole, why not check out our blog post giving you the low down on everything you need to know?). Of course, with so many people piling into the latest marketing must-have, how can you make sure your brand will stand out in the crowd? With only 6 seconds to play with, how do you get it right? We’ve put together 5 great examples of how big businesses are recording like rock stars, and some tips on how you  can make your own mark.(NB. We chose not to embed the videos on the post for speed and ease reasons, we didn’t want all the video slowing down your day! However if you click on the screenshots it will take you straight to the Vine video in question!)

1. Rolling Stone Magazine

Despite their lack of a much needed ‘?’ on their post, this is clever use of Vine, and one that is easily replicable and simple to create. Everyone likes a sneaky look at the future – it makes them feel that extra bit special.

rolling stone magazine on vine

Rolling Stone Top Tip: Whether its a new product or service you are launching (however frequent) give your customers a ‘peak behind the curtain’ at what it will be. Showing teasers and asking customers to get involved with the who’s, why’s and where’s is also a great platform for a competition launching said product or service.


After a recent survey eluded that as a population we found online shopping rather boring, ASOS came up with a great way to tackle it with their #ASOSUnbox hashtag. They encouraged users to share the contents of their orders in their own Vine creation, leading to the campaign taking off massively.asos on vine

ASOS Top Tip: Encourage your family, friends and fans to share and put together their own content. Create a unique hashtag, and let the creativity commence!

3. Buzz Feed

We find this video hard to watch without breaking into a smile! Its simple, short and effective.

buzz feed on vine

Buzz Feed Top Tip: You don’t need to be an internet whizz to create engaging and shareable content on Vine. It is a great opportunity to introduce members of your team, share business events, birthdays, anniversaries. It is the perfect opportunity to give your brand depth and personality.

4. Cadbury UK

twirl bites on vine

Cadbury UK Top Tip: Always remember to thank your audience, however big or small. It really does mean a lot to your customers old and new to know that you appreciate that without them, you wouldn’t be any sort of success at all.

5. Bacardi UK

If you work in the food and beverage industries, no matter how big or small your business, this is a great example of a use of Vine, with a 6 second cocktail lesson in a few easy steps.

bacardi on vine

Bacardi UK Top Tip: Any industry can get creative, especially if your industry is a highly visual one. Match wines to food, use flip charts and cards to share instant information and recipes – the main ingredient you need? Is a dash of imagination!

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