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If various people or agencies have helped you set up a social media presence for your business over the last few years, you may find yourself with more than one Facebook page. You then have to make a decision which to use, which can be irritating if both have a dedicated following.

So, we suggest merging your pages into one. Unfortunately you can’t turn a group into a page, this trick is only for merging pages. And if you’d like to turn a personal profile into a page, that’s a process Facebook now fully supports with its Profile to Business Page migration service which handles everything for you.

To begin merging pages you firstly need to decide which page will be your main page, the one all fans will be transferred to. Copy the URL of this page, then go to this form and add in the details of only the page that you want to keep.


It will then take around two business days for this page to be authenticated by someone at Facebook.This means that they’ll check you’re affiliated with your business, so you can go on to merge pages later down the line. You must wait to receive an email back from Facebook before you go onto the next step…

Once you’ve received an email from Facebook, it’s time to start merging the pages. In the same way that you had to wait for authentication, you now have to wait for Facebook to agree to merging your pages for you. So start by going to this page merge link.


Once you’re at this page you need to enter the main, authenticated page in the top field. Then, add in the other pages you’d like to merge in the fields below. These other pages that haven’t been authenticated are called ‘inauthentic pages’.

You can add five URLs in this section, but if you’re working with more than five pages, you can just submit the form then fill it out again with the rest.

Now you may have to wait a few days again for Facebook to merge everything, but technically once you’ve filled in the second form, it should start transferring your fans to the one main, authenticated page.

This process will transfer all of your fans to one page, but it won’t transfer content, so if there are important updates, images, notes or discussions on one of your old pages, make sure you save everything before you begin the process. Once a page has been merged with another, you cannot go back!

From our research, we’ve found that this process works quickly and smoothly without any problems a lot of the time. However, some users have reported that they have to try and authenticate their page multiple times before they get confirmation from Facebook. So be patient and prepared to try again if you don’t get a reply from Facebook after a few days.

If you want to set up a Facebook page, talk to someone about managing your presence or merge multiple pages, then get in touch with one of the Codastar team today, we’d be happy to help!

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