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To ensure your content ranks highly in Google and has been fully optimised for search, it’s important to not just concentrate on text, keywords and blog posts, but to think about how you can make your videos SEO friendly too.

Not only will your videos show up when people search within YouTube, they also appear within a normal Google search.

For instance, if you search for “how to dye hair” you’ll find a lot of normal content as well as a special section dedicated to YouTube video content:

Google Screenshot

In the same way you’d think about titles and wording in normal online copy, it’s also important to properly consider what title, description and tags you will add to your YouTube videos in order to increase the chance they’ll be shown in search.

So instead of choosing obscure words and phrases it’d be more beneficial to choose something people are likely to search for.

However, it’s not just titles, descriptions and tags that determine whether your video will rank highly or not. There are a lot of other factors to consider and although there’s no exact metric for determining which videos are ranked where, Glenn Gabe of Reel SEO writes about attending a recent event in which the speaker suggested lots of different things come into play. For instance, how many views the content has had, what rating it has been given by users, how many comments it has and whether people have linked to it from elsewhere.

Obviously some of these things have to be built up over time. You can quickly write a great title for your content that will be SEO friendly, but building up numbers of views is much more long term.

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to make sure your videos rank highly in search. However, it’s important to start with good content and well-planned titles, descriptions and tags.

From there you can think about promoting your videos elsewhere to drive more traffic to your content, maybe through a dedicated Facebook page? Then you can look at how to get more engagement from viewers and ultimately build a community or following.

To help you along the way, YouTube offers a unique analytics product called YouTube Insight that enables anyone who uses YouTube to see detailed statistics about their videos, audiences and engagement, as well as a range of other useful bits of information.

This is an example of the data available on YouTube Insights associated with views and popularity:

YouTube Insight

If you’d like to talk to us about video content, then get in touch with one of the Codastar team. We can give you advice on the best kinds of videos to upload, how to optimise them for search and how to integrate different multimedia into your current online strategy.

Images via Google and YouTube.

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