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Whichever way you look at it – without your friends, fans and followers, you really wouldn’t have much of a social media strategy at all. They are your everything. The spread your message, give you referrals, and ultimately – make you money!

So how do make sure your friends, fans and followers feel extra special? 

We’ve put together some helpful hints in how to make sure your network feels valued and not just a number: 

Special Offers.

Whether you’re releasing a new product, running out of stock, or launching a sale; offering your social media socialites special offers is a great way of making them feel special. Even a little extra something at the checkout for their next visit, or a little free sample for special sign ups or the first X orders is a great way of generating sales for a particular product, as well as making users feel valued as a customer.

Discount Codes

Discount codes have been used in all walks of sales, but are a particularly useful tool when it comes to social media. Firstly, they can be the tipping point that pushes people who were only ‘thinking’ of ordering to becoming an actual customer. Secondly, it is a fantastic way of tracking your deals and see which are successful and which avenues are driving you revenue and traffic. Using “TWITTER10” at the check out could give users a 10% discount,  or “FACEBOOKFREE” for free delivery ensures your users are getting value from ‘liking’ your brand, but also gives you a device for tracking and monitoring offers, as well as a good stead for offers and codes for the future.

Valued Opinions.

Use your fans and followers to form ‘focus group’ type studies, or ask users on their opinions on new products. Put together ‘test’ groups. By including your customers in the production and manufacturing process, they will as a result be more bought into the final product, as well as your brand as a whole. Give them a selection of products or prototypes and encourage votes for the fan’s favourite. Chances are, you’ll secure a few sales by the end of the process.

Quality Content.

Its easy creating content to pump out into the social media-sphere, but creating ‘quality’ content for your followers is sometimes a little harder to put together.

Forget your sales pitches and super savings, start asking questions, ask your customers what it is they want to see, what problems they’re facing. Share interesting articles or fresh information, give them your take on the big news in the industry. Organise a Google+ Hangout with one of your experts, or set an ‘event’ on Facebook with live chat and Q&A.

One of the best ways of making people feel valued is by helping them. For free.

Thank You’s.

Sometimes, its the little things like a simple “thank you” that means the most to people. An email, an update, a tweet, or even a personalised card or letter, depending on your business/industry (for weddings for example, cards are a lovely touch) there will be one -or many – approaches that will suit you and your followers.

Recognise milestones (such as number of  ‘likes’ or company anniversaries, or share photos or content posted by your followers and friends.  By personifying your accounts and as a result, your business, you’ll make your customers – old and new – feel very valued indeed.


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