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Video has long been the ‘must have’ in any business’ marketing tool kit, but with the recent rise of Viddy, being able to connect with your audience in a limited space of time is increasingly important. 

get noticed with your branding

Of course, 15 seconds seems like no time at all…”impossible!” some may say, though at one time, the idea of conveying your brand’s message in only 140 characters seemed near-on impossible too. The key is to be creative.. yet concise.

So, with this in mind, we’ve put together 5 ways to engage with your customer successfully using just 15 seconds of video…enjoy!

#1 How To’s and Quick Tips

Quick Tips and How-To’s are a quick and easy place to start, no matter what your brand or business is.

Whether its how to customise or put together a certain colour scheme or outfit, or maybe pairing a certain wine with a certain type of dish or food, it is a fantastic way of adding value to your service. Once potential customers can gain value from your free content, they are more likely to take interest in your paid products.

‘Number’ your videos to make them easy to find and encourage users to view the entire series (chances are, if they come across you at #15, they’ll look back through your videos to see what other useful nuggets of information they can find).

#2 Competitions and Giveaways

Did you know that 70% of users use social media to participate in contests and competitions? (Hubspot, 2011)

You have probably already help the odd competition or two on your other social mediums (such as Facebook or Twitter) and using Video to host similar is a successful way of driving branded engagement and increasing your audience effectively.

‘Theme’ your competitions, and encourage interaction with entrants by asking them to post their entries by using Viddy with their answers or contributions. The short nature of a Viddy makes it perfect for users to contribute without it being too daunting.

Encourage ‘off site’ engagement in your competition with posts to your other Social Networks, but remember to use Usernames/Tags/Hashtags to track your entrants accurately.

#3 Customer Testimonials

Its no news that Customer Recomendations and Testimonials are beneficial to business, however there is nothing more convincing that hearing AND seeing it first hand. Ask satisfied customers to put together a short video for you to share on Viddy, explaining exactly why they are happy.

Having positive recommendations online “in person” adds a new dimension to your business, and gives you added credibility. Share people’s experiences across your social networks – and expose this your piece of positive PR to the world!

#4 Peak Behind the Scenes.

Customers are probably quite familiar with your products or services, but its unlikely they know exactly how it is that they came to ‘be’.

Using video to give your customers a ‘sneak peak’ into the inner workings of your company can engage with them more deeply than with traditional use of text or images.

Use short videos to add a personal touch, introduce team members who work on particular product areas, explain certain components or expert engineering, let people know what makes your company tick. Humanize your brand and make yourself relatable.

#5 Have Some Fun!

Like life, business doesn’t have to be serious all of the time. Using your imagination gives you limitless content. Whether it is Dave in accounts who has an extraordinary skill of juggling fruit, or using some post-it notes innovately to convey a message one by one with some funky music over the top, everyone likes to be entertained in one way or the other.

It is of course important to convey yourself professionally at all times, but mix up your content with some more creative posts and watch your audience and followers rise by the dozen.


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