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“We Currently Do Not Support the Location”

Does this phrase sound familiar to you? If so, you have been hit by one of the biggest bugs that Google (specifically Google Places, now Google+ Local) has had in a very long while. Countless small businesses across the web have been affected, with very little being said by those in the know about what is being done (ie. Google).

We’ve put together exactly what there is to know about the bug, and how to counteract and fix it should it be an issue with your business.

We Currently Do Not Support the Location

About the Bug.

Google have had errors before; previously it has been a moderator error, removing listings from Google Maps, or sometimes even a technical glitch where your listing couldn’t be displayed correctly. However in both cases, the GP listing (and stats) remained firmly in tact.

However, this time – its looking a little different.

When you check your status and listing, it is Live – not pending (although note that Google can leave a ‘pending flag’ for 4 weeks or more before stating the reason as to why). It is still in the Dashboard, everything seems a-okay. Except you seem to have literally dropped off the map. Your location is nowhere to be found.

So what do you do?

‘Free’ Shouldn’t Equate to ‘Bad Service’.

We’re all used to glitches of course. Everyone (even Google) can have a ‘bad day’ or two. But the main issue users are facing is the lack of communication in resolving GL+/GP issues.

This bug in particular has caused havoc for small to medium sized businesses across the globe; those who have come to rely so heavily on their traffic and service, and rightly so after the push of the use and benefits of”Google Express Adwords” last year from Google themselves. Businesses and brands have spent many hours optimising their pages, formatting listings and editing their content to maximise their search capabilities to only find the hard work appears to have all gone to waste. All in all, its rather terrible timing.

What to Do Next.

Although the overall bug cannot be fixed by anyone but Google, there are a few things to try in case you have fallen amongst the cracks and suffering from an altogether different bug or glitch. We’ve put together a little troubleshooting guide for you in case there is something you might be missing:

Fix-it #1: In your description, have you mentioned your business name/service/areas served? If so, remove these from your description, hit submit and do another check.

Fix-it #2 Click on your main stats page, and look for the section asking you to share an update on your business. Try sharing somthing, and then submit again.

Fix-it #3 Do you have many ‘custom’ categories selected? If so, take these out and only use categories that Google has offered you (you can always add other categories at a later date of course once the glitch is resolved). For example, if you are an Electrician in London, do you have a custom category called “Electrician London” ? Replace this with standard options. Again – submit and check.

Fix-it #4 Have you tried amending your location serviced? Try changing miles to kilometers, and then change once more before checking and submitting again.

Fix-it #5 Delete an image/video that has already been uploaded and re-submit using the usual process.

Fix-it #6 Go to your additional details (found at the bottom of your listing) and edit the information. Add something ‘helpful’ about your business, such as free parking, link to another listing – alternatively remove some text and replace again, before submitting and checking once more.

Fix-it #7 Under the ‘map’ there is a link entitled “Fix incorrect marker location”. Move your marker a few millimeters either direction (no more than 1cm!) Submit, and wait a few moments to see if this has affected your listing/glitch in any way.

None of the above helped? Contact the Google Team.

Alas, should any of the above steps do not prove affective in solving any GL+ issues you have been having, follow the steps below in contacting the Google Help Centre:

  1. Go to the Google+ Local (Google Places) Help Centre.
  2. Click on “My Listing Has Incorrect Information
  3. Click on “My listing no longer appears on Google Maps or is incorrectly marked as closed.”
  4. Fill out their form and click submit.


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