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Why Google +?

Google + is all about getting on side with Google. Probably the most important thing about setting up a business page is the effect this will have on your company’s search rankings in Google.

Also, Google + is now needed for Google Local searches, so that your business appears in the relevant search results for people looking up nearby services. You are making sure your business’s details turn up in peoples’ search results – where you are, your opening times, your contact details. This also links to Google Maps, which is important if you have a premises or showroom people can go to.

Google+ Business Page Design Codastar

This alone makes a Google + profile a necessity for businesses, but as a platform it also has useful features. It’s another place where visitors can ‘follow’ you to receive updates and share your content. In terms of the look, the profile page allows for a large banner image and profile picture, which gives plenty of opportunities for branding. We’ll use logos, imagery or informative text – whatever best fits the client – in this space.

And unlike Facebook, Google + separates your ‘about’ information from your content. This means that there is a fixed location where you can provide more comprehensive company information and contact details. Your ‘posts’ or updates appear on a separate tab, on a scrolling list similar to the Facebook timeline.

You can post all sorts of rich media to this tab (like articles, videos, photos, audio, links…). You might what to link to photos and videos you’ve uploaded on other social media sites, attracting more traffic through cross platform engagement. You can also upload photos and videos through Google +, where they appear on dedicated tabs.

Google+ Business Page design by Codastar

Everything you post can have hashtags added to it, and Google adds its own based on the contents. Google is very good at organizing these with related hashtags, which maximises your content’s appearance in peoples’ search results.

So Google + is more than just a profile for your business – it’s key for pushing up your visibility in search results and among local businesses/services.

A Google + business page is also included as part of our social media package. We like to set companies up with several social profiles to maximize their visibility and allow firms to more fully exploit their news and content.

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