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Google has recently teamed up with the Citizens Advice Bureau to launch a new campaign to help both individuals and businesses stay safer online by giving them all kinds of tips and guidance.


The new information campaign, which has launched this week, is called Good to Know, and will feature a range of adverts in national and business press aimed at teaching people about how they can stay safer online themselves without any external help.

Anthony House, the communications and policy manager at Google said:

“Everyone wants to stay safe online, but many people aren’t confident that they know how to […] We’re launching the Good to Know campaign and website to provide easy steps everyone can take.”

People will then be directed to the initiative’s main website, which will cover a range of issues, such as logging out of accounts as soon as you’ve finished with them, creating secure passwords and being wary when using public computers.

Although this kind of information will be useful to anyone, the resource at is ideal for small businesses to explain safety issues and security risks to their employees in a simple, easy to understand way that they can work through at their own pace. It’s important to remember that just because you know how to stay safe online, it doesn’t mean everyone in your company will and all you need is for one person to make a mistake for your whole business to be affected.

This campaign is just the latest in a string of new initiatives devised by Google to help people stay safe and avoid making mistakes. Have you noticed that when you click onto some websites a warning comes up saying the site might be dangerous? That’s Google making sure your computer and network doesn’t get anything nasty on it!

To find out more about online safety, then give us a call. We have all kinds of ways of making sure your business is as safe as possible and your employees are knowledgeable about the most important issues.

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