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If you’ve created a Facebook page for your business then you’ve probably been a dab hand at managing it for a while now. It is a great way to increase engagement with customers (and potentials) and to build your brand’s visibility. You can encourage conversation about your products by providing your followers with all sorts of multimedia content, news and updates.

You might also have created tabs (separate pages) for certain products and services you offer, giving users more detailed information without overloading your main Facebook page.

Having done all this, it is important to keep checking how everything is looking to users. Things are updated and changed on Facebook from time to time, and this affects how your information is displayed.

For example, in March 2014 Facebook announced a streamlining of the timeline, reorganizing content and providing a website-like navigation bar to access different bits of company information.

Facebook Timeline Change Microsoft Office

The Old: The Facebook page for Microsoft Office

Facebook Timeline Change Microsoft Office

The New: The Facebook page for Microsoft Office

In many ways these changes are beneficial and user friendly. The Facebook timeline makes navigating between different bits of information far easier for visitors to your page.

However, your content might not be getting through if you haven’t updated your profile since these changes occurred.

Those bespoke Facebook tabs of yours – what might have once had prominent and beautiful buttons taking users from your main Facebook page straight to those detailing your services is now relegated to a drop down list. People can only see it if they think to click on the ‘More’ button at the top of your timeline.

You’ll want to shift the order of the navigation bar around to get that content visible again. Your banner/header image may also need a little tweak to get it looking right. Other things might need attending to as well – it’s just a case of spotting anything that doesn’t look right.

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