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There’s a general misconception that to use Facebook as both an individual or a business requires you to give away a lot of your personal details.

In actual fact, you have a great deal of control over which information you share with Facebook, as well as which information you share with other Internet users.

Facebook’s privacy settings are very detailed and a little confusing. However, it’s useful to become familiar with them as some are important and some change when new features are introduced.

1. Connecting on Facebook

Account > Privacy Settings > Connecting on Facebook

This section lets you decide who sees your information.

You can choose different settings, from everyone to friends only. Even once you click friends only you can restrict certain people from seeing all of your information.

Facebook Screenshot

2. Public Search Settings

Account > Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Public Search

No matter how much information you restrict above, your profile and name may still appear on search engines like Google and Bing if someone searches for your name.

To stop your name appearing in search results un-check the box that says enable public search:

Facebook Privacy Settings

3. Apps

Account > Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Apps You Use

If you’ve ever used an application, for instance if you’ve ever synced your tweets up to Facebook, or have played a game through Facebook then there’s a good chance they will be saved as Apps You Use.

It’s important to regularly check this section to make sure no apps that may spam your account are in use.

You can see a list of all the apps and then have the ability to restrict their access to your information or simply remove them.

Apps Screenshot

There are many other considerations and ways to protect your information online. Contact one of our team here at Codastar and we’d be happy to talk you through everything and even implement some of these privacy settings and changes for you ourselves.

Images via Facebook.

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