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Now Twitter has opened up its advertising there is a lot of chitter-chatter on the webisphere wondering what it is all about. How does it work? How do we set it up? Where do we begin?

In the words of Bob Marley; “Don’t worry, ’bout a thing….” -we have the low-down right here for you with everything you need to know about Twitter Advertising.Twitter advertising, how it works

“What types of promotion are there?!”

1. Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are just like a normal 140 character one, but with one big difference. Your designated tweet can reach far further than just your followers, and you can even decide who it is you wish to see your tweet (think Facebook Promoted posts, but on Twitter) via specific demographics, interests and location.

Your selected tweet will appear to your selected audience at the top of thweir search results, leaving all the users in view of it to respond/retweet/favourite just as they would any other tweet they come across.

This type of advertising is paid based on “Cost-per-Engagement” (CPE). So for every retweet, reply, click, favourite – you are required to cough up some dough, though impressions on retweets are free, and are part of the parcel of amplifying your reach/cost effectiveness of your intended campaign.

2. Promoted Trends.

You can never fail to miss the latest trending topics and viral stories that hit the network day in, day out. Whether its from Bieber or the BBC, they catch your attention on Twitter.

These trends (globally, or your selected country or location) get a huge amount of exposure, and are a great way of getting your message/campaign out there in front of, well, just about everyone!

Using promoted trends can kick start your promotion (providing you chose a suitable hashtag to use – not easily misconstrued/already in use etc) whether its a competition, service, or new product you wish to market.

3. Promoted Accounts

Whenever you visit Twitter’s main page (and some apps depending on what you choose to use) you are constantly given a few key accounts in the “who to follow” section that you might be interested in following.

With Promoted Accounts, you can geo-target or identify users that are likely to be interested in your business or brand and ensure you are appearing on their section.

“This sounds great…how do we get started?!”

Well, unless you are in the US (where they have now allowed personal users to create their own campaigns)  you aren’t able to use these advertising techniques on a personal level (which a majority of small businesses tend to do nowadays), however we can’t imagine it will be long until this is expanded over to the UK too.

Twitter have launched a support page for queries/applications for eligibility for twitter ads which is well worth an application if you are serious about investing in the newest branch of social media advertising, however there seems to still be a few glitches along the way (as with any new strand of internet marketing.

“Any pro’s and cons we should know about?”

Aside from the obvious issues of spend – which can be an issue with all forms of paid advertisement on the internet – once twitter have established themselves firmly in the advertising field we very much doubt its going to get anything but better.

As with all forms of paid advertising (PPC, Facebook) it can be a misconception that those with the biggest budgets tend to win out amongst the smaller brands trying to make their break into their industry. The key to winning out against those with the deepest pockets is thorough planning, a strong marketing hook, and ultimately knowing your audience.


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