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Many companies realise the importance of social media, but don’t know where to start when it comes to thinking about which platforms they’re going to use and how they’re going to use them.

Here at Codastar we believe that you can tailor your social media content to suit your needs and we’ve collected together some examples of how different organisations big and small use their social media platforms.

Today we’re particularly looking at how Twitter can be used as a customer relations and service or product promotions tool. The great thing about these suggestions is they can be tweaked and expanded upon depending on your specific business needs and the services you offer your customers and other companies.

Customer Relations

Who should you follow: Your current customers and anyone you see as a potential customer.

What kind of content should you create: Content that’s relevant to customers, like tips and company information.

Who should you engage with: Answer questions people may have, respond to any mentions of your company.

Mobile phone and network provider O2 has a Twitter stream called @O2 which serves a lot of different purposes, particularly answering customer queries and picking up on mentions of the brand:

O2 Tweets


Who should you follow: Your current customers, anyone you see as a potential customer and people who are interested in similar products.

What kind of content should you create: Links to your promotions, information about upcoming sales and discounts and any special codes or vouchers.

Who should you engage with: Regularly check if anyone has sent you an @ reply or a DM, respond to questions and supply information and get involved in conversations about similar promotions and services.

Flight and hotel provider often tweets promotions and suggestions for customers from its @lastminute_com Twitter account, as well as engaging with them and answering some customer service questions:

Last Minute Tweets

There are obviously some companies that merge the two functions, such as the small organic cosmetics company Pure Bubble who tweet from @purebubb1e:

Pure Bubble Tweets

The Garden Centre Online also tweets about promotions and engages with users, as well as sharing top tips about gardening and plant life from @GardenCentreOnl:

Garden Centre Online tweets

If everything seems a little daunting, speak to one of our team here at Codastar and we can talk about what you want from your social media channels and how you can use them effectively.

Images via Twitter.

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