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Why third-party reviews?

Customer reviews really influence the online shopping experience. They can make or break whether prospects choose your firm or a competitor. HubSpot, for example, place customer reviews third in their top ten influencing factors for online shoppers. And 61% of shoppers check online reviews before they decide on a purchase.

Just as people check goods out, they also check you out as the service provider. As a firm you put a lot of hard work into delivering the best service to your customers, and your relationship with clients is proof of that. Having third-party reviews on your site showcases the care you take in satisfying clients, and this really helps convince new visitors that yours is the company to trust.

Third-Party Reviews Codastar

Firms like Feefo, Trustpilot and offer a very neat format:

* An email is sent to your customers to prompt them for feedback (you can chose your own wording and add your branding to these). Customers can write a review and leave a star rating for you.

* These appear on your website and give you an edge over your competitors’ products. You can also respond to the feedback, showing customers how you take care of any issues.

* If you have a Google AdWords campaign then your star rating will appear there, too.

* Better still, installing a ‘widget’ puts an unobtrusive link to your highest star ratings on every page of your site, so prospects will always see your good feedback as they are checking you out.

Everything embeds seamlessly into your site and looks very attractive – in more ways than one. Having a ‘Testimonials’ page that updates live as the reviews come in has become a sure-fire way to get customers to trust a firm to deliver the goods.

If you’d like any help with setting up a testimonials page or a website that incorporates third-party reviews then please get in touch.

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