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We’re often asked how companies can stand out on Linkedin. Yes they can create informative pages with good content and links to external websites and social media channels, but what about on the platform itself?


Many companies are used to seeing fully branded profiles on social media channels, just look at some of the Facebook pages we’ve designed for clients in the past. However, Linkedin is a little different. It’s meant to be a very simple, very professional platform so you won’t see any customisable backgrounds.

Instead, if companies want to make an impact they need to make sure they use the right keywords so they’re found in searches and they also need to showcase the products and services they have to offer in ways that don’t heavily rely on images.

However, there are still some ways you can brand your Linkedin presence and put your own mark on your page, it’s just a bit more subtle and limited than a Facebook page!

We created a bespoke Linkedin company page for Trinology and as you can see the “services” tab is where you can brand and change certain elements.

Firstly, you can add three different images into the slideshow bar at the top:


These images can contain logos, links to external sites, more information about your company or even images of products and services that you offer. The key is to include important information, but keep it as simple as you can so anyone visiting your page isn’t overwhelmed by lots and lots of small text in a banner among a lot of white space!

Secondly, the “services” underneath the banner can also appear alongside specially designed icons:


These can really help you brand the page, so you can include consistent fonts and styles to make your Linkedin page feel more professional and polished than the standard default design.

To find out why Linkedin could become an important part of your business and a great place for new connections, then get in touch with one of our team today and we’d be happy to talk through everything with you. We can just give you some information, help you write content or even design a company page for you, like the one we created for Trinology.

[Images via Trinology]

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