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The key to marketing today is ensuring that your website is fully integrated as part and parcel of your social media strategy. Part of this, is tying it into Facebook. We have already covered Open Graph , but another key area that needs to be factored into your website design is the use of Registration Plug Ins. What does this mean? Well, here is the low down:

In essence, a registration plug in allows your users to easily sign up to your website with their Facebook account. The plugin is a simple frame, that can be dropped into your page, and when logged into Facebook, users can see a pre-filled for with their Facebook information pre-populated in the available fields. It is also flexible enough so that those that do not use (in their minority) Facebook can sign up much as usual and still access the features of your website. You can even integrate a simple button, with the same look and use as a Facebook plugin, but offsite:

Facebook Register plugin

There are two different types of registration plugin that are widely ‘seen’ and integrated into websites:

Type one is pre populated, and is the basic information as seen below.

Facebook registration plugin

Type two Second – additional information. fulfil all of these criteria is to implement Facebook’s registration plugin, which automatically grabs their location, full name, password, gender, email address and date of birth, cutting seconds or minutes out of your site’s sign-up process. They are then able to fill out additional fields that you’ve specified (e.g. Top 3 Likes: ‘fake tan’, ‘oversized sunglasses’, ‘Essex’).

facebook app developers london

So what does Registration Plug in mean to you? Ultimately, it saves the end user time. It seems a simple addition, but much like the age old addage, time is money.

The top reason for high bounce rates and lack of customer conversion on page is loading times and ease of use. By simplifying the registration process you will increase your sign up rate ten fold, thus improving your overall conversation rate and ROI.

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