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With new networks, forums and boards popping up all over the show, it is rather easy to loose track of what is the new ‘big thing’ to soar your social profile. So we have gathered some top tips, tricks and to-do’s for you to implement to give your business that extra boost online: 

social media marketing

1. Timing is Everything.

It is all well and good using the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and having a presence. But what is the use of tweeting at 9am if your target audience won’t feasibly be online til around 6pm? Your post will be lost amidst hundreds of others, and your voice will be drowned out in its entirety. If you won’t be around, schedule tweets for later in the evening, remembering to check for replies and respond accordingly. Social Media is a 24/7 business, and even if you are sleeping – your key demographic might not be.

2. Google Tracking Code

It is a simple process adding your Google Tracking Code to your website, but have you added it to the Landing page for adverts you are running? Or even Facebook landing tabs for contests and promotions you are pushing? As great as Facebook Insights are, you simply cannot beat the information provided in analytics, and gathering key data on your campaigns are the key to your current and future success.

3. Hashtag Etiquette.

It is easy to get swept away with hashtags, and who can blame us – they are simple and effective, the two words we all love to hear in business! But make sure that any you do devise for tracking, competitions or otherwise. Keep them small and precise (nothing is disliked more than one that takes up half your allocated character limit when using it!) and do not add two words together that make puns or cannot be understood.

Also, ensure you do your hashtag research. Make sure you put together one that is not already in use, or can be associated with your company in a negative light and involve a lot of crossed wires.

4. You Tube.

Do you have your video content on Youtube? If so, the Youtube “featured video” tool is a great way of announcing new information, or simply going for the ‘wow’ factor for any first time visitors to your site. Simply set the ‘auto play’ function, and watch not only your video plays increase, but also your on channel engagement.

5. Social Cross Over.

So you have your welcome page when people hit your website, and you have the thank you page that followers after the transaction/application/contact form has been completed. But does that final screen have a “tweet this/like this” button? After all, they took the time to complete the information in the first place, why not add the option of one final click?

Build to scale with added widgets on your website interface and do so where the viewer is able to actually dedicate time to click, increasing cross over and conversion.

6. Action!

There are always two halves to any social media campaign, part one being the informative posts, part two being all about the interaction. Of course, interesting and discussion worthy posts will always encourage conversation, but giving your audience an added nudge will always light the conversational spark. Use action word like “out now”, “I bet you didn’t know that..” “Check this….” etc. These engage readers to go further than passing over your update/tweet without a second thought, as links with limited space/characters give little or no information at all thus negating any trust/authority that link/site may already hold (for example, if you openly tweeted from the BBC website, people are more likely to open a source that is well known, than a potentially spammy-looking domain with questionable intentions).

7. Google’s Remarketing Code.

Another piece of code that is worth using if you don’t already is the Google Remarketing Code. Much like the tracking code we mentioned earlier, it is easily added to your site & Facebook page, and makes for a great spread for your Google Adword Adverts. As fanbase’s and Facebook make for a captive fan base, your target range is increased significantly, upping your reach and expanding your potential client base.


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