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LinkedIn has had somewhat of an overhaul recently, and has tweaked its existing features and added a few more to ensure their top spot as a professional social network. Chances are you have a profile, and chances are you aren’t using it to its full potential. So here is our top 7 things you never knew about LinkedIn:


1. Customise Your URL.

Your standard URL for your LinkedIn profile is by far the messiest URL of any social network, with extra numbers, letters and all sorts added in for good measure and added confusion, but did you know you could change it?

Go to “edit profile page” and scroll to the “Public Profile” section”. Click “Edit” next to your current URL and choose a new one. As well as creating an easy path to your profile, it will help our old friend Google bring your name up in search, plus give an air of reputability when someone searches for your skills set/business. Choose carefully, and try to keep some sort of correlation between social networks, and maintain creativity as well as not over complicating matters. For example, ‘John Smith’ is more than likely taken 100 times over, but if you have a twitter handle that you can use across platforms it could be a great tie together.

2. The Twitter-LI Combo.

If you find you don’t have time for all the networks all the time, why not sync up a few to make your life a little easier? LinkedIn gives you the option to automatically use your tweets to update your LI status at the same time.

Depending on how you use your separate accounts, it is worth bearing in mind it posts every standard tweet, so for the more active of users might appear ‘spam like’ on a LI profile. Opt for the more ‘exclusive’ #li or #in hashtags, which you can add at your will, ensuring that all updates are as you intend, leaving the reality TV and soap tweets to a minimum for client perusal.

You can add your Twitter account under Settings > Profile > Manage Your Twitter Settings.

3. Apps.

Did you know that you can feature apps to expand your profile? The apps LinkedIn has a bunch of third-party apps that can expand your profile, letting you share presentations, your event and travel plans, even what you happen to be reading at the moment (digitally or via the ‘old school’ hardback method!). Making your page more interesting encourages people to interact with you, which is the defining point of social media platforms such as LinkedIn to begin with.

4. Google Search

Despite their ever changing protocols and algorithms, it has been a long standing method that Google seems to favour LinkedIn as a basis for people searches.

Make sure your profile is complete and as ‘clean’ as possible. Keywords and skills are a must, not just for future employers, but future clients and customers as well. Chances are they’ll have had a quick search to see who ‘you’ really are and where your skills really lie.

5. Linked In Search Function.

A working search function is a must for any social network, and LI’s is one of the best in the field. Change the search bar to whatever suits your needs best, whether its people, companies, topics or updates. You can even narrow down your search by region, country, career etc by using the check boxes post search, making it one of the most user friendly out there. Not only is it a great way of keeping up to date with what is happening in your field, but it is a great way to build connections with others in your (or your targeted) industry.

6. Linked In Today.

The ‘News’ tab has been significantly upgraded, and is now a daily low-down of what news and links people are sharing on LinkedIn. Articles can be browsed by what is popular, or follow particular industries/topics or even companies to keep up to date with everything you need to know about, well, just about anything.

‘News’ can now be customised fully to what it is you want to see, and what is most important to you and your business.

7. Groups.

Okay, so groups might not strictly be something you “didn’t know” but we can take a safe bet that its a function you aren’t making the most of. There are groups for almost every profession, skill set and industry out there, and are easy to search

LinkedIn is full of groups for almost every profession and skill set. We guarantee after a quick search using our beloved LI Search function you will find something that is suited to you.

The key with group functions is being an ‘active’ user, posting conversation starters and topics. Not only is it a great way to meet other insiders in your industry, but a great virtual way to network and show off (within reason!) your skills and know-how.

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