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With every great advancement in technology comes ever the negative ney-sayer, intent on convincing us all that it is simply a ‘passing fad’ that won’t realistically be around all that long. Social Media of course, being no different. However, according to a recent study by comScore, Social Media is not only here, but has set up firm concrete roots in every digital nook and cranny possible. 

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The study showed us that social networking is ranked as the number one most popular content category for worldwide engagement, and has a market penetration of 85% in 41 out of 43 markets. It is safe to say, with figures like these, that social media isn’t going anywhere.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Myspace and many other sites were analysed, and data sourced and collected from 2 million people from 171 countries. We’ve put together a few of the facts and figures to outline why this social medium is, and will always be, as important as ever.

#1. Social networking is the most popular online online activity worldwide.

Incredible, isn’t it? (and a fact best kept hidden from our bosses!) This translates to 19% of all time spent online, which equates to 1 in every 5 minutes is spent on a social network. If you, as a business are not currently using any social media, think how many conversations and conversions you are missing out on.

#2 Mobile Devices are a key influence in Social Media Usage.

Mobile phones (and tablets) are the future of social networking. Across the leading markets in Europe (France, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy) nearly 25% of the population accessed social networking sites via their mobile. This increase in smart phone and tablet usage is an area that should be duly noted not only for social media, but as a starting point for gauging all future web design and development. All content (social or otherwise) must be mobile compatible and optimized for this high percentage of users.

#3 Blogging is a strong force within Social Networking.

Blogging has always been around in social circles, but after the launch of Twitter back in 2009 the numbers rose considerably and took the social world by storm. The two work hand in hand ever so nicely, and with Twitter now reaching 1 in 10 Internet users worldwide, and a growth of 59% in the past year, this is definitely a bandwagon that you need to be jumping on.

If you don’t already have a blog, it is more than time to get one! We put together a post not so long ago with some top tips for company blogging which is well worth a read.
What stands out the most here is that Blogging (and content of any kind) and Social Networks very much have a symbiotic relationship. One works, but only when paired with the other.

#4 Facebook is as important as ever.

It probably doesn’t come as a particular shock, but Facebook reaches more than half of the world’s global audience (55%) and accounts for every 3 in 5 minutes spent using Social Media (1 in 7 as a whole online) around the world.

With this in mind, ensure your Facebook page is set up for the optimum engagement with your fans. With its current settings, your page is more like a mini website, and the scope for promoting your brand is only as limited as your creativity! Speak to us for more details on how to redesign your Facebook Page and how to pack a social punch!

#5 Social Networks lead in online display advertising.

In the US, Social Networking ites account for 1 in 4 US display ad impressions, however even though over a quarter of ads are seen on social sites, they only attract 15% of US Display ad dollars.

This fact of course could be set to change with the update of Promoted Posts on Facebook, which adds an interesting take on proceedings. Of course, advertising and using social networks as a method of marketing is crucial to your overall strategy, but a strong strategy is one that encompasses all advertising and delivers on cross platforms. In essence, never put all your marketing eggs in one social basket.

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