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Facebook has come on leaps and bounds since its first arrival back in ’04, and is now more a ‘mini website’ than the standard profile page of its predecessors. Your fans and friends can interact in every which way, finding out anything and everything they need, all contained on one not-so-little social network.

Facebook Tabs/Facebook Apps are (in our opinion) the most invaluable update yet, allowing your page to really showcase what is important… YOU.

As standard, you receive a few Facebook Tabs/Facebook Apps to get you started, including ‘Likes’, ‘Photos’ and ‘Maps’ amongst others. But lets face it, they don’t really say much about you or anything about what you do. We’ve rounded up 5 apps/tabs that you really should feature on page, giving those page ‘likes’ a nudge towards page ‘loves’.

Facebook app design


#1 Its All About You.

When looking at Google Analytics, the ‘About Us’ page on websites generally ranks in the top 3 most popular/viewed pages. Customers will always want to know who you are and why they should ultimately choose you and look to spend their hard earned pennies with you over the competition.

Use this page to grab their attention with bright images and an interesting design, and feature the key information and selling points of your business. A nice touch is adding photo’s and bio’s of your team (even if it is just you) creating that personal touch and extra insight into what happens ‘behind the scenes’.

#2 Shop ’til You Drop.

With Facebook’s “mini website”, there really isn’t anything it can do – including sell your product. Think about it – every like you have is someone already saying they approve of your business and what you do/sell. They have probably already used your product/service too. Why not make it even easier for them to continue to shop with you? Social Commerce is the new ‘big thing’ to hit social networks, so make sure your page isn’t missing out. Fans can pay using credit card or Paypal, and when combined with competitions and special on-page promotions, is an easy way to give a boost to your social revenue.

#3 Ask No Questions…

Whilst ‘social shopping’ is becoming the next big thing online, lest not forget where customers turn if they have a question or query. Long gone are the days of 0800’s and help-mails, it is much easier to send a quick post or pondering out into the webisphere and (in theory, if its managed correctly!) you get a response in next to no time at all.

Provide your customers with an area to ask questions, or take it one step further – to post ideas and suggestions for new products or services making it all the more interactive. Remember, whenever anyone interacts on your page, it now shows in the scrolling side bar on all their friend’s pages, giving them a knock-on-nudge to see what it is you’re all about.

#4 Freebies.

There is no simpler way of putting it: people love free stuff!

Offering special deals, offers and competitions specially for your fans you are opening a rather popular door and will increase your on page engagement ten fold.

A competitions tab not only increases engagement, but it will also encourage new custom, and an ongoing dialogue with new potential business. Ask winners to pose for a photo with your product, or add a review to your page for all to see. Giving people a little encouragement to walk (or click!) in your direction could result in a lifelong lover of your services.

#5 Get Social.

Cross platform engagement is key to any social media strategy, and shouldn’t be neglected in your page design.

By including feeds from Twitter/YouTube/Blogging, it is not only a great way of encouraging your users to communicate with you off site in other areas, but also is an easy time saving way of keeping your page information fresh and streamlined.

If you love these Facebook Apps/Facebook Tabs or have other ideas of how you want to add the wow-factor to your Business Page, why not contact us to see how we can help you, or check out our Portfolio and see other bespoke Facebook Tabs/Facebook Apps we have created for our other customers!

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