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Everywhere you look is a new advertisement for a new handset for a new network – lets face it; mobile is taking over the world. With over 85% of mobiles with internet access sold in 2011; and web browsing moving from desktop to mobile more than doubling in the space of a year* – it really isn’t an area to be ignored by marketers.

(*statistics from studies by

With mobile usage at an all time high, we’ve put together 3 great ways of reaching your mobile fan base and engaging on an altogether new (ish, for some) platform.

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#1 QR Codes.

QR Codes are the ‘marmite’ of the mobile world, with people either loving or loathing them.  However; the ‘likeness’ of this method largely depends on its execution and its then success.

For smaller businesses, it is a fantastic tool for marketing business to mobile users. If that isn’t already a great incentive – using websites like it is completely free (bar a few printing costs of course).

The key to QR Success is not just having a sole QR focus, but in also having an alternative and substitute for those users that don’t have the correct app (like a short code implementation with SMS or MMS). Although the QR technology is expanding exponentially year on year; its good to still include those that aren’t as technologically inclined and make them feel welcome with your business.

With a fully functional mobile designed/enabled site, users can find special offers, dates for their diary, coupons, or special launches with a quick snap of a picture. Its quick, simple, and straightforward – all things that have the making of a QR/Mobile campaign success.

#2 Mobile Messaging.

Mobile messaging is fast overtaking email and other marketing strategies as the preferred and more successful option in engaging your audience.

Not only does it have high market penetration rates; but it gives marketers more control over what information is sent and when to their users.

Mobile messaging is more a ‘push’ strategy than email, with users opening text messages more frequently than those sent by email (mostly sent straight to the ‘trash’).

With the technology advancement in today’s smartphones, nearly all mobile messaging strategies are no longer restricted in their content by character limits like the devices from yesteryear. Progresses towards universal MMS technologies businesses are able to send richer content containing images, audio and video; engaging and increasing customer experience across a whole new medium.

#3 Mobile App vs. Mobile Website

Mobile apps are the new ‘fashion accessory’ to businesses, with everyone wanting theirs to be at the forefront of their customer’s download. However; statistics show one in four mobile apps that are downloaded are never used again. The most popular apps on the market are games, news, social media, and location based services – leaving the majority of apps in their shadows.

Of course, for some businesses (such as those within the food industry) an app for a loyalty based point scheme could work wonders for business, however for the rest of the market, having a mobile compatible website is an absolute essential for mobile success.

With cross-platform apps have high development costs and relatively low engagement (overall); users want a fast loading and optimised page layouts that they can easily interact with.

Enabling your users to browse with ease will not only increase mobile engagement; but will do wonders with your e-commerce too. When it comes to e-commerce; mobile websites are no longer the ‘thing’ of future success; they are the ‘thing’ of instant success… right now. E-Bay and Amazon for example, already have tailored websites for mobile usage and viewing, letting customers navigate your site with the tap of a button viewing everything you have to offer without difficulty.

To find out more about mobile website design, and enabling your site is mobile device friendly, speak to our experts and discover our outstanding services to help you reach your  potential in mobile marketing success.

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