Codastar Website Design

Essex-based MMA charity The Martial Academy offer martial arts and personal training. They came to Codastar for a website that could detail their range of classes and facilities, encouraging new users with all the information they need to sign up.

We created a responsive, media rich website with an evocative theme and branding to set the perfect tone. The charity’s logo tops the page with an inspiring quote, and everything is backed with a chain-link fence texture – sure to encourage aspiring cage fighters.

We made the content just as visually striking. The homepage features a carousel of MMA images, an embedded video and feeds of TMA’s latest news and photos. The feeds ensure that everything stays fresh and up-to-date for new visitors.

Other pages describe the class style and detail the MMA training available. A timetable is provided on the ‘Classes’ page to help prospects plan sessions around their schedules. The information on the ‘Our MMA Style’ and ‘Personal Training’ pages informs visitors about TMA’s expertise and what they can expect from the classes.

The FAQ page reassures visitors about any further questions they might have. Everything on the site is geared towards introducing people to TMA and offering enough detail so that they can decide if they’d like to try a class. The pricing page lists all of the options available while the location page ensures visitors know where they are going.

Finally the contact details page gives postal, phone and email information so visitors can enquire or sign up whichever way they’d prefer. Links to the charity’s social media channels appear on the right-hand side of the website to encourage cross platform engagement, offering as many ways of finding TMA as possible.

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