Codastar Google+ Design

A local business like Sweepover (chimney sweeps) attracts custom through their reputation and by word of mouth. They came to Codastar for help with their online reputation building.

We provided the Complete Social Media Package for maximum impact.

The social media platforms are fully integrated and show a consistent message and branding. We designed matching banners for all of Sweepover’s social accounts. These are slick-looking and serve to celebrate the firm’s professional credentials. The Google+ image also makes Sweepover’s phone and web contact details clear.

Google+ is great for cross platform engagement. Links to all of Sweepover’s social media accounts are present, as is a link to the company website. The firm’s YouTube videos also appear on the page, maximising their reach.

We filled out all of the profile categories, making sure that Sweepover’s services, accreditations and contact details are present. Their area of operation is also noted. This means that Google searches will rank Sweepover for relevance to the search terms. Clients will always find the firm.

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