Codastar web design
Smart needed a professional looking site that could explain and detail their services to users quickly, maximising conversion. It also had to be an e-commerce site that could allow existing clients to get going as quickly as possible.

We constructed a site that delivers on all these crucial things. Registered users can book online (the site can handle the payment process). They can also access their user accounts and see their images and past reports. So busy (maybe even stressed) tenants and landlords don’t have to worry about finding time to get in contact with Smart – they can do it all from the site.

And for visitors? The content is well organized. A small and distinct set of headings on the navigation bar tells users exactly where to find what they are looking for. Embedded content illustrates all the information about the services with photos and scanned reports. Showcasing the detail work Smart do really helps to convince potential clients. It also justifies how important Smart’s inventory work is in settling (and avoiding) tenant/landlord disputes.

The content on every page is surrounded by calls to action: to request a call back, to book online, to check out the social media accounts, to read the latest news… It’s all about making the most out of the site’s responsive design by ensuring every page gives users opportunities for conversion – whatever the device a user views from, and whatever page they are on, they can access Smart’s services at the touch of a button.

Smart play their part too – once we’d set up their latest news page they were free to blog away, detailing their company news and in the process developing a ‘voice’ and gaining

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