Codastar Responsive Website Design

Public Pressure are far more than just a music label – they are a fully formed cultural movement and creative hub. To this end they needed a website that could be flexible with format and content and be ready for future growth.

The brand was created by our head of branding: Alfredo Widmer, and we developed a highly visual and fully responsive website that really does Public Pressure justice. The site works beautifully on a mobile device – visitors just scroll down through the posts, which are all illustrated with photos.

When people first arrive at the site they are prompted to sign up to the group’s newsletter. This is a good strategy for highlighting the newsletter and engaging instantly with an interested audience. It also builds Public Pressure’s email list.

The home page is highly visual, with photos dominating the text. A carousel banner of images highlights links to the posts and articles on the site. Public Pressure feature a lot of music-related writing and journalism, and the site we built advertises new posts on the homepage to make sure everything is fresh and up to date.

Everything is seamless. We created a discreet navigation menu that visitors click on to expand. This takes users to Public Pressure’s manifesto, the group’s t-shirt store, and contact forms for joining the movement, subscriptions and music label enquiries.

The forms all have assigned categories. Visitors can categorize their message or query to cut down on Public Pressure’s admin and speed up the response time.

The navigation bar also offers links to Public Pressure’s social media accounts, and we made sure that sharing buttons appear next to each post. Public Pressure can promote their artists, events and content everywhere, and the website now acts as a central hub that all the social media channels link back to.

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