With various services to offer, it was important that our bespoke Facebook tab for Prime Property Management could organize the information into neat, easily digestible sections for visitors.

Once people find what they are looking for bold, relevantly-placed calls-to-action take them to the appropriate pages on the Prime website. The tab includes colour, graphics and text from the website to ensure a smooth transition from Facebook.

To cater for Prime’s clients we added a log in section that integrates software from the company website. Each property has its own tenants’ section where the management can be contacted. This feature cuts down a lot of Prime’s admin by showing them exactly which building each query relates to.

A carousel banner includes customer quotes to quickly establish the firm’s credibility for visitors. An embedded Twitter feed shows Prime’s latest updates, making the firm look engaged and dynamic to new prospects. The cross platform engagement also helps drive more traffic to Prime. Including Prime’s full contact information at the top of the tab is a sure-fire way to cover all the communication options that different visitors may prefer.

All that was left was to give the company a striking overall image on Facebook, which meant including an evocative architectural photo for the Facebook banner. New visitors will have an idea of Prime’s property portfolio in seconds.

Prime’s Facebook presence embraces new visitors and sign ups while allowing tenants to make contact with the firm very quickly. Facebook is accessed on various devices and by people balancing multiple tasks, so an effective page is one that is clear, organized and with a simple client log in process.

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