Codastar Website Design

Nuwe is a platform for developing corporate health and fitness programs, using data from several apps and devices to generate a user’s wellness score. The firm came to us for a website that could showcase the platform and sell it to potential clients.

We developed a one-page website that illustrates what Nuwe does with clear, concise text and effective diagrams and illustrations. As visitors scroll down there are taken through step by step: why the app is needed, how it works and how it can be applied to business – the perfect pitch.

New visitors to the site are encouraged to answer a question about their health, which then reveals a chart to show the categories that make up a fitness score. Text introduces the fitness concept and how the platform can generate wellness figures.

Scrolling down, each section adds more information in a logical and easy to follow fashion, with clear diagrams to illustrate points. A navigation bar lets visitors skip to the section most relevant to them.

The footer of the site links to social media accounts and contact information. The firm also looks to promote and establish a hashtag on Twitter – a ‘join the conversation’ section feeds related tweets to the page.

The one-page site is an excellent way to take visitors through a ‘process’ you’d like to explain. Nuwe offer a comprehensive yet very readable overview of their technology here.

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