Codastar Web Design

Nutribu is a health app that helps users keep to their Guideline Daily Amounts of nutrients and calories. We created a one-page website that can effectively advertise and explain the app, offering visitor a simple download process.

As a fitness app people will use all day it was important that the Nutribus site would look great and work just as effectively on a mobile device. The one-page site we design loads excellently on a smartphone and is very easy to scroll through. We used a simple colour scheme with consistent graphics and fonts to establish the app’s branding.

Information is concise and illustrated with simple drawings. Visitors can watch a video which explains the app or else follow an illustrated step by step guide.

Once convinced, clear calls-to-action to download the app are provided at the top and bottom of the page. Links to Nutribu’s social media accounts at the bottom of the page encourage cross platform engagement.

Nutribu has an attractive and effective site that works perfectly on any device, allowing visitors to quickly explore and download the app.

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