Codastar YouTube Design

Museum Makers are trying to attract people who can devote their free time and abilities to help run Luton’s Wardown Park Museum. They needed a social media presence that would highlight this and give users something to respond to.

We set up a YouTube account as part of our social media design work for Museum Makers. We used a striking banner image that matches the other social accounts and website. People finding the charity’s videos online will instantly be made familiar with their branding.

The ‘About’ page details the work Museum Makers are doing and encourages people to join in. The account then links back to all the other social media pages and the Museum Makers website, offering every option for people to follow the charity.

If you can produce it, content is powerful – a Museum Makers t-shirt-bedecked ‘#happyday’ video re-imagining Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ has managed 188,000 views and 200 comments for their YouTube profile.

Everything works to show just how different the Museum Makers community is – and how many activities and volunteering ideas they can offer fans of their pages and their campaign.

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