Codastar Google+ design

London office space real estate agent McCalmont-Woods had clear objectives for presenting a uniformly attractive professional face online.

Codastar set the firm up on social media. For their Google+ page we provided a banner image that clearly communicates the firm’s business in just four words. It also highlights McCalmont-Woods’ contact details for quick engagement with prospects.

It is important to have several social profiles set up for the firm. The Google+ page features links to the main company website and other social media accounts. The company’s YouTube videos appear on the Google+ profile (if the firm’s time and effort has gone into producing the content then it might as well appear in as many places as possible).

This creates an intersection of online traffic for the company. As the social media presence is consistent and fine-tuned to highlight what McCalmont-Woods offer specifically, everything works to match their services with potential clients.

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