Codastar single page application
Recording and mixing facility Studio Maako came to us for a website that could quickly establish their full range of services, convincing visitors of their expertise in music recording and production.

We developed a one page website. The site works excellently on phones and mobile devices to ensure the biggest audience for the studio. Visitors can simply scroll through the various recording/production stages offered. We also provided a navigation bar so prospects can jump to different sections.

An audio player automatically plays tracks recorded and mixed in the studio to showcase the sounds artists can achieve.

The text is well laid out. Bold titles and brief sentences allow the information to be easily digested. Different images back the sections to illustrate services and give a visual transition as visitors scroll down. Each section has a call-to-action to take visitors to a contact form for maximum conversion.

To keep the site fresh and help boost SEO, previews of Maako’s latest blog posts appear towards the bottom of the site. We also embedded the studio’s location on Google maps so that Maako appears in Google local search results. Address and email information is also given for website visitors.

Studio Maako’s site is an attractive and media rich site that works well on any device. It provides a quick and convincing overview of the studio’s facilities and skills, and attracts the right audience through keywords and location information.

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