Codastar Web Design
We created a really smart looking website for winemaker Immersus Emergo. The sleek design, contrasting light and dark graphics and images, really grabs attention and presents their information and products well.

Every page features a carousel banner rolling beautiful images behind the company logo. A navigation bar quickly takes visitors to the information they want. A ‘wine label’ also runs across each page, with calls-to-action (clickable bottles!) for Immersus’s latest products. Embedding the latest news updates on the home page makes sure visitors can see that Immersus are dynamic and engaged.

Subtle details throughout the site design, like including graphics behind the text and different textures on the pages, give Immersus a well-established and professional look and mirror their bottle designs. We made sure the various pages we created all help strengthen this image. The ‘about us’ page with the team’s photos and signatures assure visitors of the business’s experienced, family run nature. The other pages detailing the region with embedded videos of the area attest to Immersus’s pride in their background.

Once we’d completed all the detail work, making sure the site map and contact details were present in the footer to help with SEO and boost prospect engagement, we knew we’d given Immersus Emergo everything they need to inform clients and boost sales through their website.

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