Project management firm Huxstep are trying to attract both developers and property investors online. They wanted a clean and accessible site that could be navigated quickly. We developed a fully responsive website that can be easily viewed on any device.

The website does two jobs for the firm. It showcases Huxstep’s services and quality of work, and it also offers potential clients the facility to submit a tailored enquiry – complete with project details and uploaded plans and documents.

We included strong visuals to top each page, with a carousel banner on the home page. The content below is concise and well organized. Huxstep’s services are detailed quickly and convincingly. The wording is optimized for the target audience’s search terms, improving Huxstep’s SEO and attracting relevant traffic.

Every page has contact details for the firm in the footer, ensuring quick conversion. A testimonials page summarizes the quality of service, helping to convince prospects. Finally we created a complex contact form that provides tick box categories for clients’ projects and an option to upload documents. This allows for a more tailored response from Huxstep and organizes the firm’s inbox for a quicker response.

Huxstep offer prospects and clients an attractive and efficient site that can be viewed and used quickly, from whatever device. The ease of use really pays off in terms of attracting new traffic and generating business for the firm.

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