Fennies came to us for a website that could present everything parents would want to know about their day nurseries.

We created a site that reflects the contemporary and welcoming facilities Fennies provide. Using a simple, professional looking design that is easy on the eye and quick to navigate.

A bold navigation bar dominates the homepage with friendly calls to action that respond when users hover over them. The text on the information pages is laid out in brief, manageable paragraphs and separated by tabs to present users with smaller and more distinct sections.

With engagement in mind, every page features prominent calls to action to sign up or register a child, as well as a contact form. No matter what each user does on their visit to the site, the opportunity for conversion will always be there.

There are also ‘find your nearest Fennies’ buttons that parents can click on each page to see if the nurseries are feasible for them geographically. We provided a dedicated page for all the nurseries, taking care to organize the specific information, contact details and parents’ feedback for each premises, as well as embedding attractive photo galleries. We designed these pages in such a way so they can grow with the number of Fennies nurseries, and in time we will develop a ‘nursery locator’ for the site.

Parents with young children are obviously going to be busy and will not have a lot of free time in their schedules, so it was important to expect a lot of traffic to the site from phones, tablets and other devices.

We made sure the site is fully responsive to any device it is viewed from, with the contact number and navigation bar always being presented to users first. The clean design of the site lends itself beautifully to reconfiguration for other devices. The smaller ‘bites’ of text are nice and easy to scroll through on a smartphone.

Fennies now have a website that presents all of their information quickly and in a friendly tone that suits their childcare services. Parents can learn all they need to from whatever device and amount of time they have available to them. Most importantly they can register their child as soon as they make their decision.

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