IT recruiter Edison Hill have many years of industry experience in matching candidates to vacancies. They also have a very distinct image that they want to put across in their social media presence.

The slick, muted colour handshake image on the LinkedIn banner offers a style that really suits the platform – where the colour scheme and layout are kept simple and effective and the focus is on the business’s details.

If that is the business’s image on LinkedIn, the dedicated Showcase Pages for Edison Hill’s services allow for a more direct product-to-prospect approach. The aim is to get visitors following these pages, ensuring a really targeted audience for the content – it’s much more time and cost effective to market to a niche.

To achieve this we made the banners for these pages using stills from their promotional video and images of charts – to illustrate the rigorous testing and report writing the firm do. The banners inform visitors about the products and give also Edison Hill’s services personality.

Having got the look right, we made sure each Edison Hill page on LinkedIn was optimized for engagement and conversion. All of the Showcase Pages have a link to the company website, and contact details (phone and email) are included in the description so prospects can get in touch straight away. Lastly the text for the description and ‘specialities’ list on the Company Page for Edison Hill includes all of the right keywords for getting noticed in Google and LinkedIn searches.

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