Edison Hill Facebook Page

Matching candidates to vacancies is a high stakes business in the IT world, and recruiter Edison Hill have clocked up many successful years doing just this. Branching out online, they wanted to make sure that their Facebook presence could sell their services to both job seekers and to firms hiring.

To achieve this we created a bespoke Facebook tab so we could really make the most of Edison Hill’s content, positioning calls-to-action in exactly the right places to maximize engagement and conversion.

Because of the diverse audience on Facebook, designing a tab for a company is all about providing something for everyone. Some people want to click on the first link they see, others want more information.

This is why we made sure there are calls-to action at the top and bottom of the tab, as well as in strategic places throughout the text. The calls-to-action are illustrated and branded to match the look of the Edison Hill website, giving visitors an easy transition between Facebook and the company website.

To make the tab easy to ‘read’ we broke the text up into sections, demarcating it with coloured boxes and different font sizes. For those users who want a quick overview of the firm without having to read anything we embedded the company’s promotional video halfway down.

Every option is made easy, so every kind of visitor can quickly find what they want on the tab. And we’ve made sure that there will always be contact details and calls-to-action nearby for engagement and conversion.

Having attracted a new audience on Facebook, one that might not have looked for the Edison Hill website, our tab design ensures that discovering more about the firm is easy and attractive for users. Making contact and signing up for their services couldn’t be easier.

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