Codastar web design

Dwern make an accessory for stringing Bigsby® guitars. They wanted a website that would appeal to musicians in need of a ‘third hand,’ so we thought it best to make a site that people could quickly scroll though on their phones – or any device.

We created a one-page website that can handle e-commerce transactions.  A navigation bar takes visitors to the various sections of the site, but it is just as easy to scroll through everything.

We opted for a very clean looking site that offsets the company logo with a dark background. This also gives the white text more presence and makes everything very clear for quick reading.

An illustrated checklist establishes the benefits of the ‘B-stringer,’ and a call-to-action encourages visitors to watch the embedded demonstration video. A written set of instructions is provided below the video if people prefer.

Visitors can purchase the B-stringer direct from the Dwern website. Payments are handled by PayPal, so visitors can feel secure in sending their payment.

Visitors with further questions can click on the FAQs. These reveal drop down answers to common queries. The feature is a good way of encouraging visitor interaction on the site.

Contact forms are provided for support and queries, ensuring all types of visitor to the site are catered for. It was then just a case of providing social media links to encourage cross platform conversion.

Dwern’s site is an excellent example of how a company can introduce and demonstrate a product, and take orders for the goods, all on a single page. Traffic from any device can use the site easily, maximising the potential for making sales.

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