Codastar Responsive Web Design

Financial planning provider Credius offer a thorough and professional service with a focus on the individual. They came to Codastar for a website that would boost their visibility and quickly convince visitors as to the firm’s expertise and credibility. We created a fully responsive website that can showcase and introduce all of Credius’s services, whatever the device a visitor uses.

The home page is an effective springboard for taking visitors to the service they need. Bold calls-to-action highlight the core service sections to drive traffic. An embedded video is prominent at the top of the page, introducing the firm quickly and making the most out of the content they’ve produced.

We kept the text simple, with a set of bullet points describing the firm, and used a slick, unfussy layout that is easy to digest quickly. The navigation bar is just as user friendly, with drop down sections to map out the entire site for visitors. Contact details and social media links are included in the bar for quick engagement.

To keep the site looking fresh the company’s latest news is fed to a text box to the right of each page. A newsletter sign up form is also provided – a good way of building up Credius’s email list.

The ‘About Us’ sections offer further assurance of the firm’s history and how it does business, also answering visitors’ questions about fees and payment. A comprehensive list of Credius’s areas of expertise helps their SEO performance and also funnels visitors to the relevant pages of the site via links.

The service pages organize the information neatly and can be absorbed very quickly.  Bullet points set out the key features prospects need to know. Additional market information is supplied in a text box alongside to help convince. A testimonials page attests to previous satisfied clients.

We provided an extensive range of calculator tools for the website, with several calculators for mortgages, pensions, investment and tax. Visitors simply have to enter their details and click to generate a figure or quote. Being up front about figures and allowing visitors to calculate their own figures without having to make contact is a very good way to convince prospects.

The ‘Contact Us’ page provides full details of the firm’s location and communication info. An enquiry form allows visitors to leave a message that includes the area they are interested in, which cuts down Credius’s admin. The firm’s location on Google Maps is also included. This not only helps users to find the firm but also boosts Credius’s search engine visibility for local searches.

The website is an attractive and strong selling point for the firm. As we also ran a thorough SEO campaign and ensured the key search terms for services were well distributed throughout the site, we could be sure that Credius would boost their traffic and clientele.

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