Commensus are a cloud computing firm offering solutions to business. With a lot of services to offer, it was clear we had to design a website that could organize all this information clearly, getting users to what they need as quickly as possible.

We also made sure the site is fully responsive to any device that might access it. Commensus are offering clients access to their data from any device, so the site really had to be an advert for that itself.

We provided a clear navigation bar with drop down lists to allow fewer and more distinct information categories. We also made sure this appears prominently and works just as well when viewed from a mobile device. The homepage has a second navigation bar that showcases all of the services with unmissable calls to action – they are both illustrated and animated.

With a lot of information present, it was important to make the pages distinct enough from each other while preserving the banding. We achieved this by carefully colour coding the text boxes and headings (which also alert browsers using smartphones to a new page loading). Professional looking banner images also change from page to page, ensuring the right mix of continuity and differentiation between pages for users.

To guarantee maximum engagement we provided every page with an enquiry form and ensured the Commensus support number appears at the top of each page, and does so on every device. Users can’t help but notice that the firm want to help existing clients as quickly as possible. Wherever a person is on the site, and whatever information they look for first, they will always be able to sign up or make an enquiry as soon as they want to.
Commensus now have a site that details all of their services, offering extensive information for prospective clients with no cost to usability or speed. The user experience is pleasant, swift and convinces people of the firm’s professionalism and knowledge. With informed clients signing up from the site, far more reliable and profitable results can be seen.

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