For Citypoint we knew we had to make a professional looking website – one that would be accessed by busy city executives. Only a fully responsive site with a blissful user experience would fit the bill. We developed a site that is sleek and that quickly and effectively showcases all of the services and bespoke detail work Citypoint dedicate to every customer.

We set to work, using WordPress as a basis for the site. A clear navigation bar and prominent calls to action mean that prospective customers can easily see what’s on offer and sign up. Professional imagery tops each page in the banners, and the bottom of the page has detailed contact information and Google Maps references to make sure Citypoint show up properly in search results.

And whatever the device, the content will arrange itself perfectly. Everyone will see contact details and calls to action immediately, guaranteeing maximum engagement and conversion.

We packed as much multimedia content on each page as we could, making sure the information got across in every way possible – catering for different audience tastes. Detailed text is always offset with professional videos and captioned slideshows. We knew we had to advertise Citypoint’s unique selling point – the technology, one-to-one advice and thorough research they provide for every customer. The Citypoint site makes sure that message gets across effectively.

Citypoint now have a website that any device can navigate. The firm’s uniqueness from its competitors is clear from all the readily accessible content, and calls to action throughout the site make signing up quick and convenient for its core clientele.

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