Codastar web design

With cutting edge services and technologies, Celtic Tuning wanted a Facebook page to reflect. Codastar developed three high-tech tabs, as well as a design overhaul of the cover banner and image.

The front page is eye-catching and stylish with clear calls to action inviting users to learn more using their 3 newly developed tabs.

The “Software” tab details everything new customers need to know about their service and what to expect when working with them. the information is clearly laid out with bold colours and imagery.

The “Check Stats” and the Contact Us” tabs take tech-customer service to a whole new level.

Codastar  have fully integrated the Celtic Tuning Database, enabling customers to have to-the-minute updates on their vehicles and modifications, adding excessive value to all who ‘like’ and become a fan.

The Contact/Request Quote form is a common request for tab designs, however Codastar and Celtic took that extra step to wow their ‘fans’ and stand out ahead from the competition. The form can either be filled out manually for new customers, or, if linked from the Stats tab – data is pre-populated and pulls in the customer data automatically. This ease of use not only impresses users, but is proven to improve conversions and use of these type of calls to action.


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