Cavalier Matters eBay Store Home
eBay is increasingly advertising itself as somewhere where people can do all of their shopping in one place. In this context it is important for online retailers to have an eBay ‘storefront’ as well as their own commercial site, and existing eBay sellers need to look more like shops than individual sellers.

Both need to think about a distinctive image for their eBay storefront.

Cavalier Matters is a charity that offers advice and support for owners of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They came to Codastar for an eBay store that would stand out and firmly establish the charitable nature of their shop.

We created a storefront that echoes the design and colour scheme of the Cavalier Matters website. We added some of their imagery to give the eBay store some character (if people are looking for gift ideas, somehow a cartoon spaniel in a crown seems to say ‘you’ve come to the right place.’) Brand identity intact; eBay customer base tapped: check!

Arriving on the store’s homepage, shoppers see a bold introductory message that all proceeds go to charity. We provided a sidebar throughout the store that includes calls-to-action to view customer feedback, visit the shop and make a PayPal donation to the charity.

We made sure that all eBay’s categories of information were completed properly – from the types of items the shop sells to information about Cavalier Matters and making a purchase. Buttons across the storefront’s top take users to pages with details about payment, shipping, returns…

The information is far easier to find than on a normal eBay seller page – where it is fragmented and split between the seller’s listings and profile.

In changing the design from the eBay standard we have ensured that Cavalier Matters’ identity and charitable goals are clear for eBay customers.

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