Codastar LinkedIn Page Design
As a global financial services firm advising business and institutional investors, it’s essential that bfinance can maintain client trust and loyalty through their online presence.

We created a stylish and professional banner image to head the firm’s LinkedIn page, including a succinct yet full description of the business and some sleek imagery to set the right tone. We incorporated bfinance’s distinctive logo, respecting their tight branding (an absolute must, as all the reports bfinance publish match the design and imagery of their social media pages).

Those regular reports and bfinance’s professional YouTube videos are posted to the LinkedIn page. The firm can now show clients and visitors the great pride and care they take in their message and appearance – and that they constantly build on this by providing fresh and professional information through all their social media channels.

The company’s LinkedIn presence is excellent for showing a dynamic firm that constantly updates and offers new insights and advice for clients.

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