City accountants Beavis Morgan have a great deal of professional experience in offering tailored, quality advice to firms. We set the firm up on LinkedIn, creating several Showcase Pages as well as the main Company Page.

The banner we provided for the Company Page establishes the firm with an image of the Beavis Morgan team. A prompt also highlights the links for the Showcase Pages.

As both Google and LinkedIn crawl them to rank the pages, the description of the firm and its ‘specialities’ list must contain the right keywords – ones relevant to the firm’s products and audience, and also things unique to the business (marketing to a niche is always easier). This ensures that a relevant, responsive audience will find Beavis Morgan in searches.

The five Showcase Pages we created each have their own description and banner image. All the images link thematically to ensure a ‘brand’ feel, but offer different, visually striking imagery related to the product/service. Visitors can find the Showcase Pages direct from searches, rather than going through the company page, so it is important to make them distinct.

All that’s left is for the company to share their news and updates on LinkedIn. Content from their website can reach a new audience, attracting new conversions and engagement with prospects.

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