Supplying outdoor gear to adventurous souls (and fellow-travellers), 1948 Original Equipment needed to find a way to bring their products to the conversation on Facebook.

They’d already established a personality and ‘story’ for their company – their dedication to getting people to live life to the full, and kitted out with the right, hard wearing equipment, is writ large on their website and Facebook timeline.

We just had to find a way of honouring that while introducing some ecommerce and functionality to their Facebook presence.

To do this we created two apps (or Facebook tabs/pages) for the firm:

Frost River

We developed a storefront page for their range of Frost River backpacks. Obviously the most important thing was to have the products for sale – a grid of backpacks with an image, name, price and ‘buy now’ call to action, with everything acting as a link to take users to the same items on the 1948 OE website. We also added a large call to action, made to match 1948 OE’s branding, to take users to all of the firm’s products.

But it was also important to keep the ‘story’ behind the products there. 1948 OE are very discerning in sourcing their products, and to showcase that attention to detail we included a description of the firm who make the backpacks and embedded a YouTube video where the company owners talk through the packs’ design and construction.

Latest News

The best way for the company to link their business and products with the conversation on Facebook is to let them speak in their own words – these people use the tools they sell, and live the lifestyle they sell. The latest news page allows them to discuss products and events they attend with the same tone established on their main website.

We also made sure they could do so on a smart looking page that can include images and the firm’s own formatting, rather than Facebook’s.

Similarly, we matched the branding and colour scheme on this page (and the Frost River page) with what appears on the main 1948 Original Equipment website. A banner with contact details is enough to make the pages feel like they are more about 1948 OE’s business and ethics than about being on Facebook.

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