1-2-C Master Chimney Sweep
were looking to generate bookings on Facebook. In particular they hoped to maximize sales during a busy season for chimney sweeping. In addition to improving their SEO and online presence, the firm called on Codastar to develop a new strategy for online booking using Facebook.

We designed a bespoke tab that could provide this.

The form allows visitors to enter their name, telephone number, email and postcode. A bold ‘Get Your Quote’ call-to-action submits the form. We made sure to include the firm’s phone number for visitors wanting to engage or make a speedy booking.

Below the form we included shields of professional bodies and a list of 1-2-C’s accreditations. The look of the pages helps establish the firm’s credibility as visitors go to make a booking. Prospects wanting further reassurance can click to read the expandable mission statement.

Everything is laid out simply and clearly – so the tab is very effective for people browsing on a mobile device. Visitors will soon see it highlighted that they can make a booking direct from the Facebook page, rather than having to seek out a company website.

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