sonata hifi

Sonata is a revolution in the HiFi world.

They are cool, they are young, they provide the gear to the best backstage parties and most of the time you see a nice piece of gear (speakers , turntables etc) in a fashion magazine or in GQ you can be sure Sonata have been providing the products for the shoot.

Put simply, they have the coolest and best turntables, speakers, streaming devices, amps, headphones and accessories you can get. They only sell the best. They do not have a high street shop Instead the London elite and anyone who wants to (yes, you could go too!) simply goes to Yvonne and Rob’s house in Kilburn, which also happens to be the best showroom ever, bring their vinyl and phones and just spend time in their house listening to all the different options on offer.

We love Sonata HiFi.

5 years ago we helped them with the first version of their website, to which they commented was extremely successful for them over the years.

This new website is fully responsive for mobile and tablets, is a great WordPress custom design and development example of what Codastar can do.

There are also lots of little dynamic and classy effects making the website stand out among the competitors.

Long live Sonata HiFi, Long live great music.

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