Green Man Gaming

When we were interviewed to help Greenman gaming with their new website project, we certainly had a little apprehension getting involved…

The client has a large in-house development and design team, however they had not been able to code the designs they had produced into working web pages. The project was seriously complex..

They were struggling with all the coding technologies to make the main pages and shopping cart section of the website work 100% to their need on all platforms such as mobiles, tablets and computers.

They also had a stringent “Peer Review” system, where a team of external dedicated coders’ only job was to review each line of coding and make sure it is 100% optimum.

So, we were worried…. How can we better what their own team had not been able to deliver after month of trying?

We agreed a few days work to begin with and see how we fare up.

We did really well. Our contract was extended and we coded all the complex accounts, e-commerce / checkout / Cart pages as well as the home page and products pages, passed peer review and delivered the work in record time.

The client was delighted with our work and have since asked us to handle more design and coding tasks.

We are very proud of the work we have done for Greenman Gaming, very proud that under scrutiny from industry experts we completed the work to the highest standards, and proud to be associated with such a cool brand.

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