Great Free Bets monitors bookmakers and online gambling for their free introduction offers or special offers and displays the results efficiently for customers to choose and take advantage of. There are a huge range of various free bets of numerous kinds to take advantage of, including Poker, Bingo, and a multitude of different Casino’s which have some great offers of over £30,000 and beyond in cash prize money.

To help them help others find these claimable free bets, we set them up with a responsive website that is fully adaptable for use on any desktop, smart phone, or tablet to make accessing the site possible any time and any place. The homepage shows immediately off the bat what bets can be claimed from all five categories.

great free bets screenshot


The navigation bar up top also provides access to the different categories people can choose from, as well as links to the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The offers and content of the website are fully manageable from wordpress custom backend programming. Offers and be added, deleted and edited easily by the client.

Each betting category provides a full list of links relating to their given subject matter for people to refer onto once clicked. These are separated between two columns labeled “Top Sign Up Offers” and “Top No Deposit Offers”. At the bottom of each page are a list of different “Other Offers” which show off a sample of what else is currently being offered on the other betting pages.

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